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VuSpex is a patent-pending technology which automates the building inspection process by deploying a proprietary iPhone application. VuSpex schedules the inspection, connects the Contractor and Inspector with real-time video and audio, then records and documents the inspection. VuSpex provides a paperless Virtual As-Built RecordTM file management system which will revolutionize the administration of planning and building departments!

  • Inspector’s time and expertise isn’t used in efficient way currently (he has to drive to the construction site for every inspection). Geographical realities create delays in inspection cycle. Inefficient Inspect/Fix/Re-Inspect Cycle Causes Unnecessary Delays and as a result work hours lost.
  • Make live inspection call between two parties (mobile app and web component).
  • How to make this system official (connected to the government), get licensed professionals and agencies working with it.
  • VuSpex mobile video inspection. Every inspection can be done remotely. Contractor uses VuSpex mobile application and inspector is sitting in his office and doing live inspection call using VuSpex web application.
  • Use of WebRTC solution (OpenTok SDK) combined with own back-end and unique push-notification system.
  • Integration with Accela database. As a result VuSpex became official partner of Accela.


iOS, Android, PHP, TokBox SDK (WebRTC), HTML5, CSS

Building Better

The VuSpex application works by connecting the Contractor’s smartphone to the Building Inspector’s desktop or tablet device with a live video and voice stream. The application enables the Inspector to view, annotate, document and result the inspection while archiving in the cloud. The end result is a substantial improvement in efficiency with the added benefit of supporting agency green initiatives.

This app benefits agencies wanting to reduce driving time and costs as well as leverage Building Inspector experience. Building Contractors also benefit by eliminating the wait for building inspections.

VuSpex saves time and operating costs for Contractors, Inspectors and their agencies.

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  • Real-time Mobile Video Inspections

  • Contractor’s and Inspector’s Personal Assistant

  • VuSpex applications are
    easy-to-use for both mobile
    and web platforms

  • VuSpex automatically records the inspection and applicable paperwork storing it all safely in the cloud, so you can easily access it anywhere, anytime

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Team about project

This was technically a tough project, because we had to work with 3rd-party APIs, WebRTC technology and handle simultaneous video and audio streams. However we’re all happy that this project was successful and we gained a lot of experience as well, so now we aren’t afraid to take on difficult tasks, we love doing it!

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