We create products that turn into brands.


We MIND Your Business


for Market Analysis. Even the smartest of ideas should enter the market when the time and conditions are favorable - otherwise they can discredit themselves. We will research the current market to ensure your concept will hit the spot.


for Interfaces. We do not only focus on creating visually attractive products - we construct the UI-responsive system that will interact with a user as if he has used it forever.


for Novelty. We work fairly. While you work hard to make your concept innovative, the tech innovations are on us. We are responsible for technological tricks because we like making things everybody says are impossible to create.


for Development. When two ideas compete - the better engineered one wins. We will provide the competitive advantage for you in this contest.


Sachin Gadh

CEO at Seth and Gadh, LLP
The team at MindStudios is professional, diligent, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. They took my ideas and concept and made it come to life.

Damon Danielson

Co-CEO and Chairman at Vuspex
Our friends at Mind Studios will continue to be an important part of our team as we continue to evolve and optimize our user experience and bring new features to life.

Roy Huang

Co-Founder of SternFit
Mind Studios has been very helpful during SternFit product building phase. They have done a phenomenal job at bringing this product to life, I'm very grateful for that.

Jud Friedman

CEO/Founder at qWaqq
I have found Mind Studios to be unfailingly brilliant, thoughtful, positive, patient, warm, supportive and nice, and committed to the highest standards of excellence.

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