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We build custom healthcare software development solutions that help healthcare providers go digital and provide excellent, accessible healthcare services

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Covering all bases with innovation in mind. If you're looking for custom healthcare solutions, you've come to the right place.

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Custom healthcare solutions we create

As a provider of medical software development services, Mind Studios has solid expertise in creating the following solutions

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eHR & eMR systems


Mind Studios creates software solutions that help healthcare providers enhance the efficiency of their practice and manage patient data in the most secure way possible.

As a medical software development firm, we build all systems in compliance with HIPAA and other industry standards that ensure strong patient data protection.

ehr systems
medical systems

Medical knowledge base systems


We use extensive databases consisting of numerous symptoms, conditions, risk factors, case studies, and more to build systems that help doctors diagnose more efficiently and assist patients with getting the help they need.

Checking symptoms, obtaining self-care advice, and finding the right medical professionals and suitable healthcare facilities are just a few tasks our solutions can solve.

Custom healthcare solutions we build

Remote monitoring solutions


Online health consultancy systems


mHealth and EPIC integration


Our telemedicine regulation and standards expertise

Understanding the significance of regulatory compliance and data security, we design and develop telemedicine and healthcare solutions following industry regulations.





HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant







Our healthcare software solutions can help

reduce costs
digital management
ensure security
healthcare services

We achieve this by clinical workflow automation, which eliminates the need for manual record processing and thus increases staff efficiency

This includes dealing with all kinds of information, such as patients' medical records, electronic prescription lists, appointments, reports, and more

We pay extra attention to patient data protection and build all systems, including cloud solutions, in compliance with standards like HIPAA, HL7, and other regulations depending on the regional laws

Mind Studios implements telehealth solutions and other online consultancy systems that help increase the customer base

Find out how these solutions can be applied to your project.

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Custom-built software products we are proud to be part of

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Clients about us

Martin Masaba

I was impressed with their ability to deliver high-quality work on time. Professional and reliable, Mind Studios strictly adhered to the deadline and communicated regularly throughout.

Martin Masaba

Product Manager at Avytel Informatica

Leon Cassidy

Mind Studios really think about the problem; they're not yes men. They challenge their clients and think about long-term solutions. They are highly accessible and use communication channels that allow for remote collaboration.

Leon Cassidy

Founder of Fitr

Artur Engalichev

Mind Studios makes the project personal instead of just thinking of the income that comes from it. The team is very competent in what they do, always delivers on time, and, most important, is cost-efficient.

Artur Engalichev

CEO at Unight

Tim van Driessche

We are actively working with the MindStudios for more than 2 years now and it has been an absolute pleasure. They deliver high-quality work, brainstorm with us on ideas and are capable of turning all ideas into reality. We will continue to work with them in the future!

Tim van Driessche

Co-founder of Envol

Lu Reames

Mind Studios listened intently to our idea and approach and then constructively challenged us on the right path to success! They demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to exceptional performance in the most challenging environment.



Damon Danielson

Our friends at Mind Studios will continue to be an important part of our team as we continue to evolve and optimize our user experience and bring new features to life.

Damon Danielson

Co-CEO and Chairman at Vuspex

Reasons to work with us like

In addition to providing custom healthcare development expertise, one of our top priorities is building a relationship of trust, and helping the client feel as comfortable working with us as possible.

Our approach includes

Solid experience with the industry

With nearly a decade of web, applications, and systems development behind us, our healthcare app developers have the resources and knowledge to build products that help businesses increase profits.

Professional communication

We closely cooperate with our clients throughout the entire development process, provide regular updates and reports, and stick to the principle of transparency.

Impeccable quality

Our software engineering specialists practice various types of software testing, including manual and automated ones. This way, we make sure our custom healthcare software development services lead to our clients’ success.

Respect for deadlines

Timely delivery is just as important to our team as creating excellent solutions that work. We follow risk management principles and thoughtful planning to always meet deadlines.

Post-launch support

Mind Studios is a custom healthcare software development partner aimed at the success of your product in the long run. That’s why 70% of our clients rely on our maintenance and support services 3 years after the project launch.


Does Mind Studios build healthcare solutions that comply with data protection regulations?

All solutions we built are compliant with HIPAA, HL7, and other global industry standards that protect patient data. Depending on the market you’re targeting, we are ready to comply our solutions with location-specific data protection laws and regulations.

Which healthcare processes can you help automate?

When working with products for the healthcare industry, most often our team builds solutions that optimize the management of medical records, electronic prescriptions, appointments, analytics reports, and financial operations.

Does your company build custom solutions for telemedicine projects?

Yes, our team builds custom software for remote patient monitoring, online consultancy platforms, and other telehealth services that help increase the customer base and make healthcare more accessible.

Can Mind Studios help a healthcare facility with digital transformation?

Whether you are a hospital, a clinic, or a healthcare organization, our team is happy to help you with streamlining your processes and expanding your businesses through digital solutions.

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