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Game art and Unity mobile game development services.

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From the first spark of an idea to launch and beyond: our mobile game company can create and support your game in full.

Game Art

Our team is home to skilled and passionate artists working in a variety of styles, 2D and 3D alike. As a mobile game studio, we can offer a full range of art-related services for game development.

  • Concept Creation
  • Game UI/UX Design
  • 2D Art & Animations
  • 3D Art & Animations
  • VFX, SFX

Game Development

We develop mobile games on Unity engine. Our mobile game development studio is highly skilled in a wide range of trendy and engaging mechanics, genres, and types of games.

  • Unity Mobile Game Development
  • Android Game Development
  • iOS Game Development
  • AR Game Development
  • Web Game Development
  • NFT Game Development

Hire Team

Mind Studios Games offers both full-cycle mobile game development and team augmentation. You can hire our dedicated mobile game developers, artists, QAs, game designers separately as well as engage a full team of people to cover your game development.

  • Hire Unity Developers
  • Hire 2D & 3D Artists
  • Hire Game Designers
  • Hire Game Testers

Tell us your idea and we'll offer you custom mobile game development services for its execution.

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Our Works

We are proud to be a part of these products


Idle game, 2D

2D idle game with a military setting. Refined graphics, unique weapon designs and strategically built idle mechanics make it addictive.
  • Offline income calculations
  • Optimized for big number of assets
  • Incremental progression

Games hub, 2D, 3D

Multiverse game that combines digital and physical world, with diverse quests and a multitude of entertaining features. Includes fun trivia quizzes, building and management mechanics, and a variety of mini-games.
  • 100K+ downloads
  • 52% D1 retention
  • 500K+ in-game matches played


Multiplayer arcade IO racing game with cute 3D characters and fun mechanics.
  • Real-time multiplayer with Photon engine
  • Skins and customizations
  • Includes AI-based elements
  • 3D


x21 JACK
A PvP card game with fiat and crypto challenges and tournaments. For this game, we’ve built an SDK that allows game developers to plug their existing skilled mobile games into the XMANNA sports and gaming ecosystem.
  • Blockchain-based
  • Crypto
  • PvP card game


Our own 3D third-person PvP shooter in a neon cyberpunk setting.
  • 20M+ downloads
  • Real-time multiplayer with Photon engine
  • Custom auto-aim and shooting system


3D Idle shop management game with our proprietary idle income calculation engine. Set in a seafood market.
  • Profound Ads monetization
  • Unique resources management
  • Dynamic on-the-go localization

Want to bring your mobile game idea to life?

Mind Studios Games offers mobile game development services both full-cycle and for separate types of works (art, testing, etc.). Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Clients about us

Kevin Webstern

We’ve collaborated with Mind Studios on several projects, ranging from game and Unity development to Web/Mobile UI design. Their unmatched professionalism, clear communication, and flexibility make them the ideal partner for any software development project!

Kevin Webster

CTO / Co-Founder at Dubbz

Matt Hosner

The team is enthusiastic, prompt with communication, with skills in all areas of video game design and development, with in-house art and QA resources as well. If you always wanted to make a video game but weren’t sure how, I would highly recommend Mind Studios!

Matt Hosner

Creative Director, TiDiSiFi

Damon Danielson

I have been working with MindStudios for 2 years now. They have been amazing with communication and to cater to my needs/wants for every step of the development process. If you’re looking for a developer that will bring your idea to life MindStudios is the place to choose.

Kurt Reynolds

Director at Sydax Services

We are
good at

Throughout the years of developing mobile games, we’ve sharpened our teeth on a number of things. Here are some niches where our game design company can now crash any problem into bits with a single bite.

Idle Game Development

Idle games are among our most popular titles, and we’ve built a number of them. Enough to tackle the biggest problem in idle mobile game development once and for all: We have our own engine to quickly calculate in-game idle income accumulation.

  • Proprietary engine for idle income calculation 01
  • Polished core-loops and incremental progression 02
  • High Day 1 retention 03
  • Delicate/native ads integration 04

Real-time Multiplayer Game Development

We have our own 3D multiplayer shooter game with 20M+ downloads, and we’ve developed multiplayer games on outsource and outstaff basis as well. Our game has impressed many mobile game studios and now everyone is taking a cue from it.

  • Shooters, Fighters, Runners and more 01
  • Photon Multiplayer Engine 02
  • AI Bots Creation 03
  • Matchmaking, Party with Friends 04

Hyper Casual Game Development

Hyper-casual games boast one of the highest retention rates in the industry — they’re simple to play and quite addictive. We can build hyper-casual games really fast and make them bring you profits in no time.

  • Creating a game in the shortest possible time 01
  • 2D and 3D games 02
  • Ads set up and mediation integration 03
  • ROI-focused game design 04

Сard Game Development

We have experience creating various card game applications — both single and multiplayer — and making them highly engaging by ways of not just mechanics but by making stunning visuals and audio that add to game ambience.

  • Solitaire, Blackjack, Bingo and more 01
  • Themed visual and sound effects 02
  • Server validation of the score 03
  • PVP games and leaderboards with prizes 04

Blockchain Game Development

Our mobile games development projects include a blockchain-based PvP card game with a proprietary SDK for integration into the XMANNA metaverse system.

  • NFT Game Development 01
  • Metaverse Game Development 02
  • Play-To-Earn Game Development 03
  • Smart Contract Integration 04

Business Gamification / Educational Games

Games have become more than just games, infiltrating businesses to make them more successful. We’re here for that! Be it a gamified app to educate employees or a game to engage customers into your business — we’re confident we can build it at top quality.

  • Educate your audience through games 01
  • Games for marketing campaigns 02
  • Increasing brand awareness 03
  • Reach younger audience 04

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We contact you to discuss your game

We dive into the details of your project and conduct our own pre-discovery

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