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FITR - elite all-in-one solution for personal trainers to create and sell fitness, health and lifestyle programs online. It’s a platform where coaches can manage their programs, finances, and communicate with lients — all in one place. Visit Website

Business client - Leon Cassidy
Leon Cassidy

Leon Cassidy approached us after a referral from our previous client, owner of the UNIGHT platform, Artur Engalychev.

The problem Leon wanted to solve was that many coaches face the limitation that is lack of clients able to come to the gym. This made it challenging for coaches to earn their living with coaching alone. Leon came up with an instrument that would allow coaches to manage more clients and expand to the online fitness niche.


Our main task was to make sure that FITR hit the market. We spent a lot of time discussing with Leon the main pain points our target users — coaches and their clients, athletes — had.

Thorough market research and competitor analysis helped us shape the idea of a product that would find its market fit.

discovery stage list represented by radar wave

What is the fitness app market growth?

One of the most important ingredients for success is a clear understanding of the market size.

The global fitness app market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.6% from 2020 to 2028 and reach USD 15.5 billion by 2028.

87.4 million

people used fitness apps in 2020. The number of fitness apps users grew almost by 25 million between 2018 and 2020.

Source: Statista Survey
statistics of fitnes market Fitness App market size 2017- 2028 (USD Million)
$15.5 billion revenue forecast in 2028
$3.9 billion market size value in 2021
I moved off our old system because I needed a website that took payments, synced to my athletes profiles, was clean, easy to use, and reliable. The user interface is much more professional than the solution we were using before.
Steven Fawcett Owner of JST Compete

User personas

During the Discovery stage, we created typical “user persona” portraits of our target audience. This approach helped us sharpen the marketing strategy and increase the chances that we hit the market. Interviews with real coaches allowed us to better understand what the platform needed to stand out.

photo of coach
Coaches wanted to:
  • manage multiple programs with minimum efforts
  • have a dashboard with up-to-date progress information for each client
  • control financial flows
  • have a handy tool to communicate with clients personally and in groups
photo of coach
Athletes wanted to:
  • have a convenient interface to watch training videos
  • have fast access to a large exercise knowledge base
  • monitor self progress
  • have quick communication access to a coach
photo of coach
Brands Brands
  • have an opportunity to present as brands (not a group of separate coaches)
  • have a tool to monitor and manage the work of all coaches


We took necessary parts from multiple platforms coaches used to manage their businesses and built a platform where all the functionality was combined flawlessly.

Client management

Add and remove clients, assign programs attached to a calendar, monitor progress and feedback.

Program management

Create and manage programs: upload, replace, and delete videos, customize and assign programs to clients.


Communicate with clients and other coaches, share photos and videos instead of using various messengers and social media.


Make all payments via an all-in-one platform instead of bank transfers or cash payments.

The initial idea for FITR was a mobile app. However, during the discovery, we’ve decided to switch to web. There were two reasons:

    • At the first stage, the focus of the development was mostly on coaches. Our main objective was to create a platform where coaches could create, edit, customize, and manage programs and clients. Research showed that for coaches, this scope of functionality was more accessible via web interface.
    • With coaches being the central focus, customer acquisition cost (CAC) was significantly lower for web fitness platforms than it was for mobile apps, which made web platforms development more cost-effective.
At the same time, for athletes, a mobile platform was preferable, therefore we decided to also build a mobile app for them after the coach platform.


We’ve built FITR platform from the ground up. We started with the information architecture — a detailed prototype of the user experience. We’ve created prototypes for each user flow and tested them to be certain we haven’t missed any important bits.

More than 98 screens
In UI, we went for light and eye-pleasing visuals. Green is the color universally seen as the color of health, so we’ve made it FITR’s main color alongside black parts and ample white space.
icons of UI







Light gray


FITR for coaches

FITR for coaches became a web platform with a satellite mobile app that provides full functionality from program creation and distribution to payment. Through it, coaches can manage all sides of their business as well as monitor client activity and feedback.

It has:
  • convenient schedule view where coaches can monitor and manage their clients’ load and performance
  • simple and intuitive builder for multiple types of programs
  • dashboard to monitor and manage finances
  • group and personal chats

A mobile app is an extension of sorts created to provide on-the-go access to community features — communication with clients and leaderboards.

photo of user interface photo of user interface photo of user interface

Optimized program builder

Coaches spend a lot of time creating custom training programs for their clients. We wanted to streamline this process. One of the FITR partners and also famous coach, Steven Fawcett, helped us create a system of benchmarks. Benchmarks optimize the program creation process by using variables instead of constants.

How does it work?

@ CODE +/- value", i.e. @ SPEED - 2

@ percentage CODE", i.e. @ 50% BACK_SQT

Step 1

A coach creates a program and sets up each training day’s benchmarks in % of max load.

Step 2

An athlete defines their default parameters: max weight they can lift, max speed and distance they run, average heart rate, and so on.

Step 3

The FITR custom-written algorithm calculates each athlete’s benchmarks based on their default parameters and the program’s benchmarks.

diagram of UI after automation Time spent = 10 min diagram of UI after automation Time spent = 60 min

As a result, an athlete receives a program customized to their needs and abilities and a coach doesn’t have to calculate individual benchmarks for each athlete.

Also, our custom algorithms automatically convert measurements between systems. If a coach and an athlete use different measurement systems, the algorithm will convert benchmarks between them.

image of convertions between metrics

Multiple teams

Coaches usually work with one or more gyms. To offer coaches access to the gym site functionality, traditionally, gym management distributed access credentials among all their coaches to build programs and upload videos to the platform. This sometimes made it hard to find the source of any site activity. If something went wrong, it was hard to detect which user was at fault.

diagram of how team and coach can be united

To deal with this issue, we’ve implemented a functionality in FITR that enables coaches to participate in multiple gyms from their personal account. On the FITR platform, coaches join teams and brands with their personal profile via invite from the brand/gym owner.

For gyms, this system has two benefits: a gym can monitor activities by each member and doesn’t need to distribute credentials among coaches.

For coaches, it allows them to participate in multiple gyms or teams using the same account without keeping records of multiple credentials.

To help coaches avoid accidentally mixing up their programs, we've implemented another smart piece of functionality: when a coach switches their active team on one device, they’ll be automatically switched on their other logged-in devices as well.

FITR for athletes

For athletes, FITR also has both web and mobile platforms. On the web platform, we’ve implemented all the functionality athletes need: a calendar to never miss a training session, program purchases, access to benchmarks and videos, an opportunity to offer feedback with both comments and by simply choosing an emoticon to let a coach know how the training felt.

iOS and Android mobile apps for athletes are equipped with all the same features that a web platform has sans some features that several users deemed less important.

photo of user interface photo of user interface photo of user interface


FITR launched overall successfully. However, having monitored the platform’s performance for some time, we saw an opportunity to further improve conversion.

This data combined with regular feedback from our client and the fitness community allowed us to build a monetization model that could make FITR profitable. On August 1, 2020, we’ve launched subscriptions.

The result was more than good — one in four coaches using FITR is now a paying user.


We used technologies and frameworks that would make FITR a fast, smooth, and stable platform.


icon of VueVue.js
icon of AxiosAxios
icon of BootstrapBootstrap
icon of WebpackWebpack
icon of VideoVideo.js
icon of tiptapTipTap
icon of SassSass


icon of RedisRedis
icon of RubyRuby
icon of PostgreSQLPostgreSQL


icon of KotlinKotlin
icon of MVVMMVVM
icon of Clean ArchitectureClean Architecture


icon of SwiftUISwiftUI
icon of Firebase CrashlyticsFirebase Crashlytics
icon of WebSocketsWebSockets
icon of Composable ArchitectureComposable Architecture


Years after its first launch, FITR is a platform we’re still overseeing, updating, and providing maintenance for. Our client trusts us to understand what his clients need and provide the best solutions. And we are proud of building a product that has found its niche and is loved by its users.

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