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Created for busy individuals who are passionate about yoga, but don’t have time to attend yoga classes. It allows users to practice yoga wherever they are using ready-made lessons.

  • Finding time and flexibility for your health and fitness by attending yoga classes.
  • Develop an application and website with high quality video content that allows uses to practice yoga wherever and whenever.


Mobile: iOS7+, CoreData, Autolayout, Universal App, JSON, NSURLSession
WEB: RESTful API, HLS, VoD, Stream Video, Responsive Web Design, MarionetteJS, GruntJS
Admin Panel: Bootstrap3, SASS, HAML, JS, AJAX, Compass
Server-side: RoR, RVM, MySQL, rabl gem (API), Capistrano
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Unicorn, nginx

Practicing Yoga is Easy Now

It’s all about content and design. Have only 30 minutes to practice yoga? Just open our app and find up to 20 ready-made lessons and take your time!

Don’t have internet connection? You can download lessons you love to local database and watch them whenever you want using your iPhone or iPad!

The good thing is that client didn’t stop development after first phase and we continue developing this application - there will be functionality to create your own lessons: choose asanas, select background music you like and share created lesson with public!

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  • View asanas video and description

  • Ready-made lessons, video, description

  • Download lessons

  • Offline mode

  • Share videos

  • Responsive Website

  • CDN Streaming

  • Web Content Management System

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Team about project

I love the design of this app and how it works! Actually, the biggest challenge here was working with big video files - streaming, downloading etc. But with the right app and server-side architecture we made it work fast and user-friendly. I’m proud of our work. Between you and me, I even started practicing yoga using this app.

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by Oleg Tsarenko


Unagrande food

Unagrande (a manufacturer of fresh Italian cheese) combines two important components of a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition and yoga.

Our goal is to create a web portal and mobile applications to allow anyone to practice yoga with an experienced instructor at any time. Top yoga professionals create ready-made lessons and develop programs to benefit the entire body, develop flexibility, endurance, agility, strength, balance and emotional stability.

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