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Essay Writing Service that allows users to order an essay with 3 clicks. Provide essay details, select a deadline, and make a payment - that’s it. Mobile versions coming soon!

  • Other essay writing service require time consuming forms and registration to utilize their service(s).
  • Create a service where a user can order an essay in under one minute.


Client-side: Bootstrap3, SASS, HAML, JS, AJAX, Compass, Live Chat
Server-side: RoR, MySQL, SendGrid, Capistrano
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Unicorn, nginx

  • Create an order in 3 steps

  • Paypal integration

  • Email or Facebook sign up/sign in

  • View essay writing status on your dashboard

  • Get email when order is accepted or status is changed

  • Contact writers via live chat

  • Manage orders via Admin Panel

Order an Essay with 3 Clicks!

The first step will take you only a few minutes. Unlike other essay writing services, we value not only your money, but also your time. You need 3 times less time for placing an order, than on other essay writing websites.

Once you’ve filled out an entry form, place your order and enter additional details such as discipline, topic, comments and suggestions, which will help us to make your assignment perfect.

The work starts once we receive the payment from you. Get access to your personal EssayStation account 24 hours a day and see the status of your order. The last and the most pleasant step is getting your essay by email, which is the most frequent, reliable and convenient way of receiving important correspondence.

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A good client and good project. The client was always available to discuss new ideas and features so the project development never ends. The initial deadline was pretty tough, but we worked hard to successfully launch the project on time. And now it’s good to see users making orders everyday!

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by Alex Azbukin

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