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The Horse Side Vet Guide is the one of the largest databases of answers to questions about your horse’s health. Created as part of a partnership with a lifelong horseman and a board certified veterinarian that has been practicing equine veterinary medicine exclusively for over 20 years. HSVG gives you quick, horse-side access to a massive & constantly growing database of expertise and advice.

  • Many horse owners have questions about their horse’s health – colic, lameness, foaling, diseases or injuries. Sometimes it is critical to get an immediate answer, but there are no veterinarians nearby.
  • We have gathered almost everything you need to know about your horse’s health in one place for you! HSVG provides helpful information about equine health and first-aid treatment from the moment you notice a problem with your horse. It contains practical advice, suggested skills, and questions to discuss with your vet.


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Equine healthcare in the palm of your hand!

Horse Side Vet Guide is extremely valuable emergency and non-emergency situations, and it helps you distinguish between the two. HSVG also contains dozens of high quality instructional videos, and other media to allow you to become more active in your horse’s health.

However, HSVG is not structured as a simple decision tree that takes you down a single path based on your input. It is not a substitute for your local equine veterinarian. It does not, and cannot, anticipate and address all of the subtle variations and unique circumstances associated with your horse’s health. That is your veterinarian's job.
Having said that, it does help you:

- Make better decisions about your horse’s health.
- Learn more about common ailments including colic, wounds, injuries, lameness and equine diseases.
- Learn what to do in an emergency and how to provide first-aid, when necessary.
- Increase the quality of communication between you and your equine vet.
- Follow a logical thought process for addressing any equine heath care problems.
- act as a quality alternative to Dr. Google.

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It's always a pleasure to create something that helps people, but understanding that HSVG helps horse owners take better care of their animal makes me even happier.

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by Dmitry Dobritskiy

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