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Clear Skin Concierge

Clear Skin Concierge lets patients with acne or fine aging lines consult with a board-certified physician without having to drive across town, find parking, or even step foot in a doctor’s office. Patients can communicate with doctors online from their desktop or mobile device (website is mobile responsive).

  • Many patients are not able to take the time to drive across town, find parking, or step foot in a doctor’s office to consult with a doctor.
  • We moved the doctor online! Our physicians, are dedicated to providing you personalized care and helping you achieve clear skin easily, effectively and remotely.


Client-side: Bootstrap3, SASS, JS, AJAX, HTML5
Server-side: CakePHP, MySQL, SendGrid, Composer
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Unicorn, nginx

Mobile responsive website

With Clear Skin’s unique system, you get acne treatment that once required you to book a dermatology appointment, find parking, and wait at the doctor’s office, with just a few simple clicks. You choose from the same trusted medications that you would receive after an in-person medical evaluation. The only difference is that you can send your prescription to any pharmacy you want, removing the need to carry around a paper prescription. In fact, you can even send your prescription to a mail-order pharmacy, completely skipping the trip to the pharmacy and getting your meds delivered right to your doorstep!

At Clear Skin, we’re all about light-speed convenience - at an irresistible price.

With Clear Skin Concierge, if you need to adjust your acne medication, your single small payment covers all your questions and medication for an entire three months. If you’re not satisfied with how our treatment is working, we won’t stop until your skin is beautiful. We offer an array of the most effective and clinically proven acne medications on the market, selected by our board certified dermatologists.

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  • Detailed instructions and secrets for how to use the medications to get the best results possible.

  • A diagnosis and personalized treatment recommendations based on the selected acne types and uploaded photos.

  • 3 months of ongoing access to our physicians, including secure email messaging for any questions or concerns.

  • If your treatment plan includes a prescription, we electronically submit it to your preferred local pharmacy, where you can pick up your medications at your convenience.

  • A Money-back guarantee – if you are not satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your payment in full.

  • Admin panel for doctors

Telemedicine is here!

You can specify your skin concerns and get online consultation and treatment.

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I was excited to do a project that really helps people! Now we can connect patients with doctors and I’m glad that the website we created makes people happy because of their clear skin! :)

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by Alex Azbukin

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