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FamlyApp is a picture and video sharing app and web experience created specifically for the needs of families. It's free, fun, private and easy use. We enable Instagram-like family photo/video sharing on mobile devices, that content is also simultaneously shared on the family website where families can have fun sharing, organizing and archiving their family moments.

  • There are no places or products which allow you to store all your family photos and videos in one place and make them available for your family members ONLY.
  • Privacy and security and their violation became real problem nowadays in global network. Especially if it relates to your family.
  • Cloud-based service which supports web and mobile platforms. It allows you to store and share videos and photos exclusively with your family, not the whole world.
  • FamlyApp allows you to share videos and whotos only with your family, you’re responsible for creation of your family list and setting up relationships, FamlyApp does everything else. Secure and password protected place which can be your digital family album!



Private Family Video and Photo Sharing

When you sign in you’re home! You’ll see all the latest and past family memories. No more searching and digging for videos & photos on your phone, computer, or old storage bins.

FamlyApp is your exclusive family album! “Exclusive” means your videos & photos are shared with your family, not the whole world. And there’s no annoying advertising. 100% ad-free!

Rescue your family videos & photos from lost emails, phones, vulnerable computer hard drives, videotapes, discs & film cartridges, dusty attics, and moldy basements.

FamlyApp protects your family memories in one safe place. FamlyApp is the simplest and easiest way to share birthdays, holidays, travels, anniversaries and any special family moment with *just* your family.

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  • One-tap video & photo sharing

  • FREE! 100% ad-free.

  • UNLIMITED storage of your family videos & photos.

  • Record and store videos up to 30 MINUTES.

  • Create albums, tags, comments and favorites.

  • Share exclusively with all or part of your family.

  • 100% family focused.

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Team about project

It was a great experience to work on this project, because we got the freedom to use our own creativity, we worked together with the client to create all of the components from scratch: mockups, prototypes, iPhone app, website and backend. Also we created our own system and algorithm which automatically assigns the appropriate relationship type to the FA users, based on your previous selections and existing family tree. Now we’re going to implement an Android version and also an Apple Watch extension is already on AppStore!

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by Vadim Degterev

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