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The DIRECTV Customer Service Survey and Portal tool is used to help internal management maximize the effectiveness of their employees and gather feedback from direct consumers. Distribute the survey and have questions, ratings and feedback answered in the matter of minutes. Consolidate the information in professional reports for presentation and discussion among management.

Aimed at getting data and information in the right hands, this all in one solution has helped executive management at DIRECTV improve their global customer service call centers as well as consumer satisfaction.

  • There are no comprehensive tools that can be used for corporative survey management with powerful analytics.
  • Need for a scalable solution that would allow processing activity of thousands of users.
  • We created innovative Survey Management tool and a full comprehensive web based survey system.
  • Created strong architecture with background data sending and processing, integration with 3rd party services.


Client-side: Responsive, Bootstrap3, SASS, HAML, Compass, WYSIWYG-editor, Raptor-editor, Google Charts
Server-side: RoR, MySQL, Sidekiq, SendGrid, wkhtmltopdf, Faraday, Capistrano
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Unicorn, nginx

Responsive Agent Portal

Agent can work with Survey Portal using any device they have: desktop, tablet or mobile. Frontend is built using Bootstrap 3 framework so it is mobile friendly.

There are different types of questions that Agent can create in the survey including the following:
-Multiple Choice
-Open Ended
-Ranking Scale

Agent can edit and make changes to the survey until the survey is submitted. Once it’s submitted admin can see their results in Analytics section of Admin Panel.

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  • Responsive Agent Portal

  • Custom Admin Pane

  • Unique Survey Creation

  • Powerful Results Analytics Tool

  • 3rd party API integration for getting agents’ performance

  • Filters users who should get Survey

  • Mass emailing

Custom Admin Panel

We developed a custom admin panel where Admin can create customizable surveys and analyze results via Analytics section.

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Team about project

As usually at the beginning we got a very short description of what needed to be implemented from the client :) The Specification and Design phase was pretty long, but this is okay for such a big project. With a solid understanding of what needed to be done, the development itself was pretty smooth. Thank you guys for the interesting project and trust!

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