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In an increasingly digital world, companies need to take measures to stay afloat. Digital transformation is a set of such measures taken to go in step with the times and connect with customers, partners, and employees on the level comfortable for them currently.

Digital transformation is a whole philosophy, and doing it right can be a challenge.

We can help companies reach more customers, increase their satisfaction with products and services, and help alleviate employee pains: by implementing innovative digital solutions and employing data to make better decisions.

For a product to be successful, it needs to find its loyal users and be in demand.

Customer development services we offer cover everything from defining your target audience to monitoring their interaction with your product to make data-driven changes for the best results.

Customer development

Technology innovation is our passion, not just the job we do.

All the knowledge we accumulate helps us as well as our clients. We offer consulting services based both on all the meticulously researched data and on our hard-won years-long experience.

Idea validation is a set of practices aimed at ensuring the product’s ability to make profits tailoring the product to bring about its full potential.

The process of validating an idea requires meticulous planning and research. That’s why we employ project managers with experience in business analysis and development. We aim not only to build mobile and web products but to help businesses thrive.

Idea validation

We design the experience


Information architecture is a diagram or chart where the future app’s logic is presented. It’s built to grasp the scope of work and visualize the concept to find any irregularities within.

Having a logical and intuitive information architecture increases the app’s chances to be successful. We offer this service as it is integral to building a logical system for an intuitive application.

Information architecture

User experience is a system with multiple facets. In some way, it might be called art. In others, it is science.

Our team of UX designers approaches our projects with research-based logic, taking into account current trends and technologies. At the same time, we strive to deliver products that are artfully pleasant to use, where customers can’t get enough of them.

User experience design

We aspire to build working designs and to do that, we start from the simplest sketches and add details as the product evolves. We create prototypes of varying complexity, from low-fidelity navigation concepts to high-fidelity interactive mock-ups. This way, we ensure that everything is polished to perfection.


We have a team of talented creators able to adapt our clients’ ideas and concepts into stylish visuals for mobile and web apps. Our designers work with a wide range of styles, know animation, and can help bring to screen what you have seen in your mind.

Case Studies

We build
the product


We build iOS and Android mobile apps for all kinds of mobile devices — phones, tablets, smartwatches. We keep track of innovative technologies and pay great attention to security, usability, and performance.

Kotlin and swift

Every other medium-sized to large business uses customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and more and more companies opt for highly secure business-oriented messengers like Slack.

We have experience building SaaS solutions of varying scales and can help our clients create systems that will attract both individuals and business users.

Our front-end and back-end specialists have over seven years of experience in their respective fields. We build websites for any kind of business, from landing pages to blogs to marketplaces with high-security payment functionality.

We also have vast experience in a lucrative niche that is WeChat mini-programs for the Chinese market.

Web services

We offer technical research for software development as a separate service and as part of building your mobile or web app with us. Approach us with your ideas and we can help you validate them and write up a rough timeframe and price estimate based on the feature set and required technology for custom software development.

We deliver it to market


Search engine/app store optimization is vital for any online service’s discoverability and is an integral part of any marketing strategy.

At Mind Studios, we have specialists well-versed in all things SEO/ASO who can consult you in optimization and help optimize your service to be higher in search results for your platform(s).


We offer content marketing services based on deep research and analysis of your market niche. This includes platforms that will bring the most exposure among your target audience, SEO services, and creating marketing content, monitoring the performance of said content.

Well-done content marketing can elevate your business’s exposure and bring a good following.

Whether you’re planning to start the process of digital transformation or have already undergone some significant changes and are in need of further assistance, we can offer you our expertise with digital strategy: customize and prioritize future actions, optimize processes, and build a coherent system to upgrade your business to stay competitive on today’s market.

We oversee the market and lead upgrades


Our motto is to build products that help our clients’ businesses thrive. We continue to oversee and support our clients’ products after launch. We carry out maintenance, updates, upgrades, and modernization.

We have clients who have been with us since our inception. Being a trustworthy partner is a virtue we vigorously follow.

In addition to the technical side of software development, we also provide other support services, including post-launch product monitoring and management. We have a team of analytics and marketing specialists who will advise you on product promotion and feature prioritization based on the current market situation and trends.

Product management

Unit economics is a detailed analysis that helps build a well-performing business model. It includes calculating the revenue each basic element — a single book in a Kindle-like app, for example — shall bring and how much a business shall therefore spend on its upgrade and/or promotion for it to be profitable.

At Mind Studios, we have a solid grasp of and experience with unit economics analysis and can provide data-based assistance in helping your business flourish with its help.

Unit economics analysis

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