Life After Jack's Reassignment? Pluses And Minuses

Life After Jack's Reassignment? Pluses And Minuses

Here we attempted to examine briefly all the pros and cons customers might face.

For 9 years straight the world awaits for the first month of autumn to come with the greatest of anticipations. Surprisingly enough, not because of the pretty-looking yellow leaves or misty days getting shorter. And even not because of a good excuse to drink three times more coffee.

The real reason, you see, is that that the company of Apple has partially enslaved the high-tech world, making all of the fanboys & fangirls convulse before the launch comes. Respectively, Apple delivers a new model line every September, making a fantastic presentation out of it.

Apple Store in Shanghai, China Apple delivers a new model line every September, making a fantastic presentation out of it.

Bye-Bye Jack

But as people always expect Apple to be change-makers, iOS-operated company haven’t mislead their admirers this time as well. They made a change, quite a striking one. As radical as getting rid of a well-known 3.5 jack headphone. Which is, with all due respect, quite a brave step to take.

Jack is removed out of the 7th iphone

Audience’s announces during the iPhone 7 presentation

We have heard the rallying cry - it lets newborn iPhone become slimmer and waterproof, also it frees up the space inside for the other “tech crunches”. Here to admit though, as Apple strives to design for change in usability, and usability is the derivative from “user”...Well, wouldn’t that be wise to ask users about how they feel about this transformation? In this article we attempted to examine briefly all the pros and cons customers might face.

So what is the bright side?

There are some benefits to Jack's removal Better musical experiences are coming...

  • Water-resistant tech. All the sci-fi lovers have been waiting for this day to come since early 2000’s. With “jacks dump” the place to install some of this rich tech emerged.

  • Slimmer stuff. The image of beauty this days (not with gadgets only) shows us a long-limbed, impossibly slim figure. The same trend reflects in gadgets - they are getting skinnier, and 3.5 mm wide headphone jack was definitely an obstacle.

  • Better sound effects. Even though it’s way too early to state anything, we got Apple generously promising us “amazing music experiences”.

  • Push to use Bluetooth pods. Sometimes it’s fair to let go past by reason of innovation. And if after 56 years of going in jacks circles Apple wants us to move on, why don’t we move on?

Pancake is flat, but it has two sides. What’s on the other side?

The Jack's removal also may have some negative consequences Initiative is always punishable they say...

  • The Fear of Change. People stay the same, and so they always take new moves skeptically. Whatever you create, expect people take it with a pinch of salt.

  • The Cost of Change. As previously released earpods were 2 times cheaper than the Lightening, now the price is also going to play its role in customer’s choice.

  • The Trash of Change. We abandon the 3.5 headphone jack - only to find plenty of useless listening devices inside of our houses.

  • The Death of Change. Well, as soon as Bluetooth connected earplugs came out, the battery’s life is cut two times. Perhaps Apple is not making an exception here. Not yet ;)

Initiative is always punishable they say.

However, where would we now if not the initiators? Asking this question might be a good push for us all to stop making faces at Apple - and go try their features fearlessly.

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